About Us

Intersys Group sp. z o.o. is an expert in terms of providing and optimalization of business IT solutions, which increase effectiveness in functioning. The company has 16 years of experience in implementation of systems based on Microsoft technological platform and their customization according to customer’s exact needs.

Intersys has the most experienced implementation team and is legitimized by prestigious Microsoft Gold Partner status.

Intersys in numbers:

  • more than 16 years on the market,
  • almost 60 professionals in team,
  • over 130 satisfied customers,
  • more than 300 completed projects.

The offer of Intersys related to business management comprises a complete and mutually complementary set of solutions. The solutions we propose are identical to the state-of-the-art global trends and at the same time they represent technology backed up with many years of proven economic practice. Our solutions are of renown and are recommended.

Our partners in the field of business solutions include Microsoft, Solemis Group, SalesManago.


Microsoft systems form the system platform for construction of our solutions. The high quality of Microsoft system platform enables efficient and safe execution of the offered solutions. Our Microsoft Gold Certified Partner title ensures professional execution of all projects using Microsoft technologies.

Intersys Group is a member of Microsoft Dynamics Industry Partner Program EMEA in the area of Service Industries. By that, we join group of the most innovative Microsoft Partners on the European scale, which provide with individually created IT solutions, helping to achieve business goals.

Since 2005 we have cooperated with Solemis Group S.A. within the field of Business Intelligence solutions. These are systems more and more often gladly used by Polish companies within the field of optimisation of already existing business solutions. Their basic intended use is quick provision of correct information used in decision making. The offer of Intersys in this field includes two products of this class: PROPHIX and TARGIT.

We cooperate with Benhauer Sp. z o. o. in the field of Marketing Automation class of systems. These are solutions enabling identification of visitors of websites of our partners and monitoring of behaviour of their potential customers. The solution offered by Benhauer Sp. z o. o. provides automation and personalisation of marketing processes executed within e-Mail Marketing channels, direct sales or in the mobile channel.

We cooperate with QBS group. QBS group is the largest and fastest growing, international network of Microsoft Dynamics partners. They support partners – Resellers and ISV’s – with services aimed at growing revenue, lowering costs and improving profitability. They are an official Value Add SMB Distributor for Microsoft Dynamics. Currently support over 350 partners in 15 countries.

Intersys cooperates with Adobe within Adobe Solution Partner Program as a Community Partner. Adobe partner program includes experienced and professional companies, leaders in their areas, which support development and popularisation of Adobe solutions. The program is worldwide.

We cooperate with Tasklet Factory, which offers a Mobile WMS warehouse management solution to help its clients in the retail, food, beverage, healthcare, logistics and production industries reach a new level of optimization, accuracy and visibility in warehouse operations. Tasklet Factory deals with selected MBS partners around the world and new clients who are looking for a lucrative mobile ISV solution.