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MobilSFA makes it easy to discover valuable insights about your market, track + verify team activity, and communicate effortlessly across all your devices. Here’s how a company uses MobilSFA to manage visits & increase sales. Whether your goal is to increase productivity, drive revenue, or manage your activities MobilSFA is your app.



Improve Team Synergy and Collaboration

With your team’s geo-tagged visits, meetings, pictures, notes and reports all in your pocket, now you can have peace of mind knowing how your field reps are executing. Additionally, provide feedback instantly and effectively to increase the chances that set goals are reached.

Discover Valuable Insights About Your Market

Too many enterprises make sales decisions with little information about their market. You don’t have to be one of them. Outfield helps you unlock crucial trends that are taking place in your market domains, ensuring that you’re making smarter business decisions…from shelf compliance to sales tactics to regional pricing. Anything.



MobilSFA supports the process of acquiring new customers. The flexible customer file has the option of additional attributes and enables the categorization and segmentation of customers. The tool has the function of presenting the geographical distribution of customers on the map.

The application allows you to define a tree structure of products in order to facilitate searching in the offer and order, and to define offers and individual price lists. The tool has a configurator for the use of a given product depending on the type of offer or order, as well as support for price groups or POS products.

The module is used to verify the presentation, arrangement and quantity of given products on the shelf in the store. Currently the module is in Basic version, requires manual data entry, but a module using ML is in the process of being developed; with object recognition and augmented reality capabilities.

An application module that facilitates the process of managing and planning visits to customers and the work of a salesperson for the next week, as well as verification and approval of plans by superiors. Users can plan their activities in the application, also using a ready-made route template, using Google Maps. By using the GPS function, it is possible to locate any employee immediately during their daily work.

Expantion of the Route module with the possibility of optimizing the planned route. The representative can make a plan of the day, i.e. customers she/he wants to visit, and the optimal sequence of scheduled stops will be created by an algorithm supported by Azure Maps mechanisms. Additional options include the ability to specify a start point and an end point, which also has significant impact on the route.

Thanks to the built-in data and report reviews, it is possible to register the planned and actual times of implementation of tasks by employees and to handle the quality status of their execution. Flexible configuration of the scope of activities that allows for the reflection of corporate standards of work with the client and monitoring of work using various KPIs.

Thanks to the MobilSFA application, it is possible to configure product templates for various types of contracts, as well as contract approval process. The ability to monitor the customer’s inventory through dedicated questionnaires that can be completed during visits. The tool has a quick and simple mechanism for determining the list of monitored products by the customer.


The application allows you to view inventory levels and configure their types, as well as store information about POS products and their quantities in the context of each representative’s or region’s warehouse. It allows you to handle multiple batch numbers and therefore the POS product itself, and to handle receipts and releases from warehouses.

MobilSFA is an advanced tool for creating various types of surveys. Completed surveys can automatically update the data on the Customer’s card. The collected information from the surveys can be used to analyze the customer, sales and marketing processes. It is also possible to enable the survey control function by the superior or approval by the marketing department.


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