Managing production and warehouses

Manage production scale and stock in real time.

Forecast production according to the most up-to-date demand data.

Monitor efficiency of production and optimize the process along with needs.

Plan production capability in details based on data on efficiency of stands.

Manage production and stock based on information actualised in real time.

Manage production and stock proficiently with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


System of ERP class, which will improve production processes in your company.

Functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV facilitate managing standard processes, data and production activities in the company, such as:

  • planning and realization of prouction comissions,
  • monitoring of the commodities produced,
  • lacks and mistakes in production,
  • controlling efficiency and production processes,
  • managing individual orders (packaged),
  • reasons for production outages,
  • forecasting production amounts based on up-to-date information,
  • monitoring and managing stocks.

What Microsoft Dynamics NAV means for your company:

Effective managing of production in time and place chosen

Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform allows working at any place and time. Business trip, remote work or other responsibilities will not be an obstacle for full managing company’s producton and stocks, when you sign in to the system.

Full view on all commodities produced in real time

Every production comission registered in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system are available i real time, also from the analytical panel, along with their current status. Thanks to it you can see the most up-to-date and the fullest view of your compay’s production and you can instantly correct unwanted trends and occurences in the process.

Optimum planning of production capability thanks to advanced analytical tools

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you will plan production capability and comissions order in the most efficient way, using extensive set of analytical tools, which use the most up-to-date information at the moment. You will view analysis and reports about stands efficiency and usage of resources in order realization. You will provide for potential production outages, easily prepare data comparisons and consider diversed possibilities of actions. The decision is yours.

Possibility of strategic preparation for different production variants

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you will create different versions of production plan for the same timespan, preparing your company strategically for potential modifications based on circumstances. You will compare your plans with sales forecasts and improve them with the current information. Your production will always be under control.

Focus on strategic planning with improvement of basic activities

Facility of real time production optimalizations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as improvement of analytical and controlling processes minimizes the time needed for production management. Saved resources you can dedicate to long-term, strategic production planning or building development plans based on the most current information.

Facility of creating information and comissions flow between users

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ensures fast and agile communication inside the company. Every employee on work stand acquires access to these comissions and information about orders, which are necessary for tasks realization. Status changes are displayed in real time.

Stock monitoring in real time

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables monitoring of reception and stashing away stocks in the warehouse as well as their current usage. It also supports relocations of resources and adjustments of stock, whenever needed.

The system helps in realization of packaged orders, such as occasional baskets, based on the current stock level, ensuring flexibility of sales.