Marketing automation

Build effective offers thanks to detailed recognition of customers’ habits and preferences.

Optimize segmentation of target groups and adjust content up to their needs.

Maximize effectivity of actions by personalizing cycled and triggered campaigns.

Build advanced marketing processes and customer’s flow of interest.

Easily manage multichannel marketing campaigns.

Retarget communication, assuring maximum potential of sales conversion.

Use 360 view on your clients, their needs and preferences.

Maximize life cycle of your customers, addressing their needs exactly.

Maximize your sales potential with effective campaigns and knowledge of customers.

Promote effectively and sale more with marketing automation solutions.

Design, predict, and deliver content through the right channels in the moment of interaction for personalised customer journeys.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Orchestrate customer journeys across marketing, sales, commerce, and service to provide a holistic customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Turn insights into relevant action using AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, customer segmentation, and analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Use built-in features to help with compliance requirements and protect customer data. Easily customise and connect with tools you already use.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

A series of entries with an instructional video “Out of the box”, thanks to which you will learn all the functionalities that are in the basic version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics Blog where you can find out about all the news about Dynamics 365 Marketing from Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

All the functionalities that can be provided by Dynamics 365 Marketing.

What marketing automation means for your company:

Effective management of marketing activities at time and place chosen

Marketing automation platforms allow working at any place and time. Business trip, remote work or other responsibilities will not be an obstacle for full field service management, when you sign in to the system. Anytime you can counter act against dynamic increase or setback in interest towards any format within multidimensional campaign. Let no trends surprise you.

Increase of sales thanks to effective promotion

With marketing automation platform you can precisely define segments in your target group and easily observe rules in their preferences and market behaviour. You can address their needs with profiles communication in optimum channels. You will manage their interest by designing individual flow of traffic, mastering the conversion. You may collect the fullest data about interest and needs of customers for the sales department, which – based on them – will create optimum commercial offers. Effective promotion and sales conversion is now in the reach of one tool.

Focus on optimization and effectivity thanks to easy management

With marketing automation tools you can focus on analyzing and optimizing marketing activities in order to maximize their effectivity by managing multichannel campaigns using one administrator dashboard. History of results will help you select the strongest channels of promotion, live actualized effects of every channel will show you which areas require optimization and comprehensive dashboard will ensure you dynamics and flexibility of actions. These are the basics for effective e-marketer.

One centre for marketing management

With the support of marketing automation solutions you will easily create, optimize, publish and monitor any internet format, remaining within one administrator dashboard. Preparing presentation or report of marketing activities you can also take advantage of one analytical tool, provided with full set of information instead of visiting many dashboards, collecting and unifying numeric data. You will never again be forced to break through different tabs and check creations, settings and results many times – you will sign in to the one centre for marketing management.

Save time and dedicate it to strategic issues

With marketing automation you can focus on strategic matters and detailed planning of future, effective activities, saving your precious time on planning campaigns, verifications and optimizations of effectivity as well as reporting. Give yourself time to even deeper thinking through the strategy and tactics thanks to improving everyday operations.

Marketing automation solutions offered by Intersys:


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