Optimization of team work

Ensure fluent flow of information and files in the team, necessary for effective cooperation.

Manage key resource of your company – knowledge and information – productively.

Share resources and work effects according to current needs.

Grant access to the key documents on the swim.

Take care of full information set in the company, creating proper flow of information.

Optymize knowledge resources with CRM system – Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Platform, which will ensure optimum flow of information and documents in the company or project team, supporting maximum effectivity of work.

Functionalities of Microsoft SharePoint facilitate managing information and sharing important documents, project parts and work results, such as:

  • gathering knowledge and sharing it with selected users,
  • creating advanced intranet sites,
  • creating systems of work and documents flow,
  • simultaneous, remote team work on documents.

What Microsoft SharePoint means for your company:

Effective management of information at place and time chosen

Microsoft SharePoint platform allows working at any place and time. Business trip, remote work or other responsibilities will not be an obstacle for full field service management, when you sign in to the system.

Smart knowledge planning

With Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint you will easily create team work structures for the project and flow of information necessary for effective work in your company. The system will allow you assign proper range of access to the data for every user and prepare structure of information range along with users system privileges. You will build knowledge repository, information packages, project structures and project catalogues according to your needs.

Saving time thanks to simultaneous work on the project

All the data introduced to the Microsoft SharePoint platform are accessible in real time and visible to everyone provided with access to the documents collection. With the diversifying feature and real time actualizations you can see clearly what is the stage of project realization, analyze, deduce and constantly improve work of your subordinants, handing over current remarks and guidelines as well as establishing realistic development aims, allowing to focus on strategic aspects of activities.

Optimization of project profitability

Microsoft SharePoint will support optimum profitability of your projects thanks to possibility of constant optimization of work and flow of knowledge. Management becomes easier with potential of solution integration with the exchange client and elements marked as tasks within it. Both team members and their managers have easy access to information about key planned tasks and full collection of knowledge. Effective plan realization is the only possibility while using Microsoft SharePoint.