Optimization of the work of field service representatives

Plan routes and working hours effectively for field service representatives.

Precisely inform the customer, at which time they can expect service or delivery.

Maximize effectivity of work of service teams.

Build customer’s satisfaction with an agile service.

Focus on nurturing relations with 360 view on the customer.

Manage field service wisely with CRM system – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

zwiększenie efektywności marketingu

System, which will maximize effectivity of work of field service representatives in your company.

Functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 facilitate managing and coordinating tasks realized by field customer service departments, such as:

  • realization of servicing comissions, deliveries and other visits payed to customers,
  • optimization of routes for field service representatives,
  • monitoring time of contact with customers and their results,
  • forecasting the work schedule based on history of visits or dates of servicing planned.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) means for your company:

Effective management of field service in date and time chosen

Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform allows working at any place and time. Business trip, remote work or other responsibilities will not be an obstacle for full field service management, when you sign in to the system.

Full view of customers’ needs in real time

All the information introduced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) system are available in real time. You can see on-going amount of comissions or service meetings, what is the realization status of distinctive reports and what potential problems may be encountered by field representatives. You are able to monitor, analyse, deduce and improve work of your field service teams.

Time saving with the optimum route

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) both your field representatives and their managers can focus on strategic thinking through the contacts with customers instead of searching for the best route for service or sequence of meetings. Based on introduced data and their urgency as well as locations of servicing necessary, the system will indicate optimum route for each representative in order to save their precious time.

Focus on relations, not archive of correspondence

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) you can focus on building and nurturing customer relations and service providing, instead of breaking through history of notes and correspondence, reminding its proceedings to yourself. History of interactions and servicing provided lets you assess quality of relation and point out issues to be taken care of next. You will make the customer experience a thoughtful service.

Agile management of field service representatives

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) provides full range of information about activities of field service teams. It allows deducing from previous activities and establishing realistic development aims, as well as giving remarks and guidelines in real time. Full integration with Office 365, Outlook exchange client, Skype communicator or OneNote platform supports dynamic communication and information exchange. Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) is also a platform for projects, comissions and worktime management.

Manager resources, also the field ones

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) system gives you ability to manage company’s resources, also the field ones, remotely. Information about stock or means of transport, updated in real time and visible to every user, allow providing customers with quality service as fast as it possible.