Personal cloud

Ensure fluent flow of infomation and files in the team, necessary for effective cooperation.

Manage the key resource of your company – knowledge and information – efficiently.

Share resources and results of your work according to current needs.

Grant access to the key documents on the on-going basis.

Guarantee full access to information in your company by creating flow of data.

Optimize resources and knowledge wisely – with Microsoft Azure platform.


Platform, which combines both cloud and local environments with potential of hybrid cloud in order to ensure maximum mobility of solutions. Within Microsoft Azure it is possible to compile and implement applications along with managing them in the global network of data centers.

Microsoft Azure allows gathering of the personal set of applications according to the needs and increasing range of data and local applications. The highest level of security of apps and analyzed data introduced to the Microsoft Cloud is strictly supervised and created providing for data and privacy security as well as ensuring compliance and transparency of operations.

Microsoft Azure allows:

  • constructing personalized environment of applications in use in your company,
  • maintenance of the highest level of security of stored and analyzed data,
  • accessing many analytical tools, which will support optimizations of your business,
  • priority accessing innovative applications offered by Microsoft,
  • 80 000 of input/output operations thanks to huge storage and computability potential
  • increasing possibilities of standard licenses for Microsoft products,
  • maximization of management and business development abilities for your company.

What Microsoft Azure means for your company:

Effective management of applications and information at any place and time

Microsoft Azure platform allows working with use of huge catalogue of business tools, while at the place and time chosen. Business trip, remote work or other obligations will not stop you from forecasting and reacting counter potential mistakes or negative tendencies along with optimizing processes within your company.

Business potential scale

Microsoft Azure platform allows launching all business applications simultaneously, ensuring global scale of data analysis and cohesion along with easy integration with local environments, acting as public cloud for business apps. The platform services many operational systems, programming languages, platforms, tools, bases and applications such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat. You gain full access to full set of tools and sevicec, which will help you analyze and optimize your company’s functioning.

Flexibility of your business platform

Microsoft Azure may be used only, when you need it – and also payed only when used. Depending on requiremets, you can deploy virtual discs and servers and also calibrate services, such as amount of cloud applications in use up and down. It is economic solution, which offers high innovativeness level. You pay only for what you are practically using.

Create software for different devices

With no regard to whether you create software for PCs or mobile devices, you can prepare applications quickly using well-known tools and languages, such as PHP, Python or Java.

Security of data and documents

Using Microsoft Azure you do not have to worry about security of processed data and documents. In Microsoft Cloud safety of the most precious resource of your company is on the first place. Azure allows managing and controlling identity and access of any user to different areas of the cloud, including validation of many components. Whole communication and operational processes are realized with safe encrypting protocoles. Network is secured too, with the mechanism of blocking whole unauthorized traffic. Microsoft Azure offers also possibility of risk management with detecting unauthorized access, protection from attacks of „service refusal” type, regular penetrative tests and tools for data analysis and machine learning.