6 interns in Rzeszów Branch after academic year on Rzeszów University of Technology

Along with June in the Resovian branch of Intersys we have established cooperation with six talented students selected for internship during the year workshop program at Rzeszów University of Technology.

Group of students of Rzeszów University of Technology, who was specifically interested in developing skills within the area of business IT tools, had been participating in workshop classes with an expert with Intersys for the whole academic year of 2018/19. Out of this exclusive circle there have been as many as 6 people selected and invited to thje further development of knowledge and skills during summer, paid internship at our company. The cooperation will last 3 months and, for the chosen candidates, it is possible to end with permanent employment.

Classes with students at Rzeszów University of Technology was led by an experienced consultant and Intersys Rzeszów Branch Manager, Szymon Pociask, who was also responsible for coordinating cooperation with Rzeszów University of Technology and essential part of the course.

Back when we were planning the project, we already assumed, that the best candidates will join our team for at least 3 months of internship – expounds Szymon Pociask. – We also figure on that the cooperation will be successful so that the interested interns will find their place permanently in the Intersys Rzeszów team.