Microsoft’s Power BI is the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

For 12 consecutive years, Gartner has recognized Power BI by Microsoft as a Leader in analytics and business intelligence. The research is conducted for selected technologies and updated every 1-2 years, including functional assessment and capabilities that distinguish different products on the market in terms of complete of vision and ability to implement.

This year’s Magic Quadrant presents 21 suppliers, who have met all the criteria for a modern analytical and BI platform. Gartner assesses the ability of each supplier to create a market vision that customers consider diverse and ready-to-buy. Gartner also assesses ability to meet customer needs and how to deliver a positive customer experience, which includes experience in sales, support, product quality and ease of updating and migration. In addition to the evaluation of Gartner analysts, the Magic Quadrant also includes the following categories:


  • Product or service: 15 competitive and effective opportunities offered by the supplier on the market. How is the product’s workflow integrated and how easy and visually attractive it is for the end-user?
  • Overall profitability: So how the supplier develops the products and services and how the reference customers assess their future market position.
  • Sales and valuation: This covers the vendor’s capabilities in all presales activities and the structure that supports them. It also includes deal management, pricing, negotiation and contracting, presales support and the overall effectiveness of the sales channel.
  • Reaction for market needs: Does the vendor have momentum and success in the current market? If it does, is this momentum and success broad or confined to one geographic region?
  • Customer experience: How well does the vendor enable their customers to use their product(s) through training, online tutorials, documentation and conferences? How readily available are resources (both in the market and from the vendor) with expertise in its product(s)? This criterion also covers the extent to which customers realize tangible business benefits from using the vendor’s software.
  • Support: How well does the vendor support its customers? How trouble-free is the software? How easy is it to migrate to a newer version?

* Criteria based on survey data for the Magic Quadrant Report.

The tools of Business Intelligence class are focused primarily on the collection of data, to transform it into information that is helpful in running the business. They give the opportunity to analyze in terms of improving the efficiency of business decisions, looking for savings, improving the work of employees or monitoring finances. Through BI solutions, the user can examine data at various levels of details, create reports and even present results using graphics and charts. The Business Intelligence system allows to reduce the time of data analysis and improve the management processes.

In Gartner Magic Quadrant Report, Microsoft maintains the leadership position on the market with their Power BI service – a business intelligence solution that enables data visualization and report design, and is associated with a set of online services such as publishing and sharing. It unifies data in the organization regardless of whether they are in the cloud or stored in the on-promise model. Thanks to the compatibility, it allows downloading information from various sources, databases or web services. Power BI from Microsoft has been recognized as a market leader not only in the area of ​​efficiency, innovation, as well as customization of products to customer needs, full technical support provided to the clients and the continuous development of products and services in the context of the market.


Detailed information about full version of the report are to be found HERE.