#Support Ukraine

For several days we have been observing the disturbing incidents taking place in Ukraine with growing regret. Yesterday, the conflict escalated and at the same time the Charter of the United Nations was violated by the Russian Federation.

Our thoughts are with our eastern neighbors. At this particularly difficult time for them, we cannot be indifferent. We hope, that unity and peace will overcome everything. We strongly support Ukraine, because we always support democracy, freedom and respect. We disagree with current actions undermining the country’s national sovereignty.

Fundraising for refugees from eastern Ukraine has just begun, and the whole of Europe has announced further protests at Russian embassies. At such times, we must be together and support our neighbors as much as possible. How can we help? An official collection has been launched, which is an expression of solidarity with Ukraine, and at the same time will provide specific help to the victims on the spot. We do not know how the situation will develop in the coming days, but one thing is certain – our support may already change the fate of Ukrainians who have been affected by hostile actions by Russia.

We encourage everyone to help!

馃摚 UNICEF Poland [helping children in Ukraine]
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馃摚 SOS Wioski Dzieci臋ce [SOS for children of Ukraine]
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馃摚 Polish Humanitarian Action [fundraising to help Ukraine]
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馃摚 Solidarni with Ukraine [help for the victims of Ukraine]
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馃摚 UNITED HELP UA [humanitarian aid for the front line]
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